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Lactation Support

Dolly is not available for new family support right now.  For a list of other community IBCLC’s please look here for Additional Lactation Consultants.  Thank you.

Lactation Home Visit

In the comfort of your home I will address your breastfeeding concerns and challenges.  As a Board Certified Lactation Consultant I practice with the knowledge of up-to date evidence based information and bring 30 + years of experience.

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Lactation Email and/or Phone Consultation

Communication with an IBCLC about your concerns and questions answered usually within 24 hours.  This is the place for non-urgent situations.  Please know that a home visit may be recommended for more complex issues.

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Breastfeeding and Returning to Work Personal Plans

After our telephone conversation, you will receive a written plan that offers advice and suggestions specific to your going back to work situation.

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